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Automotive Additives
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality Automotive Additives that are widely used for the preparation of fuels, oils, and cooling agents for automobiles. The offered additives can be supplied to our customers as per the order placed by them. 
Industrial Additives
Industrial Additives are viscous compounds that are in high demand within industries that deal in production of fuels, lubricants, and other industrial fluids. Customers can get these additive chemicals in large volumes within sealed packages. 
Viscosity Index improver
Viscosity index improver compounds are complex polymeric additives that are commonly used for thickening of lubricants as well as improve the viscosity of oils. Customers can get these chemicals as per your demands with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
Greases Additives
Greases Additives aid in keeping grease viscous over a wide range of temperatures, which can enhance its performance under difficult circumstances. In various industrial and automotive applications, these additives help to increase the effectiveness and longevity of grease formulations.
Automotive Lubricants
Buy from us premium grade Automotive lubricants that are specially formulated to minimize friction between mechanical components to prevent damages due to excellent loads and vibrations. Get these fluids in large volumes at a low price. 
Industrial Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants are specially formulated oils, greases, and other substances that are applied to machinery and other equipment to lessen friction and wear. These lubricants serve a number of purposes, including lowering temperatures, preventing corrosion, and enhancing the effectiveness and durability of the machinery.
Industrial Greases
Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Greases that can be used in industrial machines and automobiles to reduce friction. Buy from us these semi-solid compounds in different sized packages at a reasonable price. 
Automotive Greases
Automotive Greases are intended for use in high-speed, high-temperature applications like wheel bearings. It typically includes a high-temperature thickener, like polyurea or a lithium complex, as well as possible additives to increase wear resistance and water resistance. They are safe to utilize.
Speciality Products Industrial Lubricants
Speciality Products Industrial Lubricants offer superior performance and protection in difficult operating conditions and play a significant role in a variety of industrial applications. The base oils and additives used in their formulation are typically non-toxic, non-reactive, and safe for accidental contact with food products.

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